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If you are looking for Roundcube plugins, please refer to:

Official Roundcube Site

Cor Bosman


MyRoundcube [Contribute us with translations!] Thanks!

Axel Sjostedt

Vladimir Minakov

Add checkbox Denis Sobolev (slightly modified plugin is included into MyRoundcube plugins bundle)

Roundcube bounce Denis Sobolev (

lacri's plugins

Favicon icon according to remote server

Sync your contacts with your Google Addressbook by deltatech (Roundcube 0.6 !!!)

Thunderbird labels

Mark message buttons

Qmail Admin (password, vacation)

CardDAV-Plugin (Roundcube 0.6) - by Christian Putzke

Persistent Login by (Replacement of remember_me plugin)

Lazlo's Planner - a hybrid between Calendar and ToDo's

Forward to manage PostfixAdmin database alias to set email forwards of user's address

Aliases to manage PostfixAdmin database alias to set email aliases for user's address

Re-captcha implementation


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