Author Topic: "An error ocurred while saving" Sending / deleting email.  (Read 6519 times)

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"An error ocurred while saving" Sending / deleting email.
« Reply #15 on: July 20, 2008, 12:52:46 AM »
Hi everyone !

I'm afraid I have the same problem as reported here ...

I got 2 servers : 1st is the mail server (qmail + vpopmail/mysql, with squirrelmail working fine) running fedora and 2nd is a web server (hosting roundcube 0.2 alpha 1) running debian 4.0 r3.

I can authenticate with RC on the mail server using imap with TLS and also send messages through smtp with TLS (again) ... emails ARE SENT, but not "saved" (even if I force RC not to save sent messages, with the $rcmail_config['smtp_log'] var set to FALSE ... The log trace report :

IMAP Error: Could not save message in Sent in /web/www/rc/program/steps/mail/ on line 0

Plus, squirrelmail can send and receive emails without having any errors like this ...

I also added my ISP's imap server to test RC with it (they are already using RC on their own servers at, and I can send/receive mails without any error (I think Free is using postfix and/or qmail for their mail functionality, so there is no reason it might not work for us - or they have experienced that problem and managed to solve it, can a technican read this post ;D )

I don't care if RC doesn't save my mails, I just want it to send and read them. Is it possible to bypass this saving function ?

If someone wants to test, I can create a temp. account. I DO want to use roundcube, not squirrelmail which themes are quite too much ... simple ?

Thanks !

edit : the solution explained just above doesn't fix the problem for me :(