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About once a month I wish I could schedule an email to go out at a certain date/time in the future -- birthdays, to-dos, reminders to others, follow-up, asking about status of something, ... whatever.   After a little searching, I found this:

It looks like it should do what I want. 

It says:
This is a handy and widely used plugin you don’t want to miss in your Roundcube installation!


I'd like to get comments on it.

Does my server master just:
- download it,
- unzip it,
- copy to the plug-in folder,
- run the database script to add the table
- adjust the config (if necessary)?

restart Roundcube?

Is that it?  Any other comments?  Server load?  Dependability?  Versions?  Updates?  Causes any trouble?

thank you
Neville Ryder

I forgot to mention our versions.  There are two choices:
- Roundcube
- Roundcube 0.7.2

And I wasn't really sure where to put this post. ...  Maybe it should go in General Discussion.  ... So I put a link to it over there, too.

If you want the plugin you'll have to install the plugin manager plugin and install it from there. I don't think the MyRoundCube plugins work with 0.7.x I think they only work on 0.8.x. Also just so you know you have to pay for most of the MyRoundCube plugins including the one you want

Ah, so it might not work in Roundcube 0.7.2.  But if it does it will cost 49 + 4 = $53 for the plug-in manager and the plug-in, if I read that table correctly.   And another $29 to have it installed, if so desired. 

Is that correct?

So, it's affordable and not crazy expensive, but I'll have to wait until he upgrades Roundcube to version 8.   Ok.

Thanks for the reply.

The prices are different look a the table at the top of the page, they use a odd credit system and its in euros. I'd pretty much guarantee that the plugins wouldn't work in 0.7.x but you could ask them if they have a version that does.


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