Author Topic: attachment can´t be downloaded - PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information  (Read 2730 times)

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Iam using the SVN release 461 - and everything works fine.
There is only one problem which is not fixable.... when I try do download an attachment, I got the following error message:

[24-Jan-2007 12:56:50] PHP Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /var/www/roundcubemail_svn/trunk/roundcubemail/program/localization/de_DE/ in /var/www/roundcubemail_svn/trunk/roundcubemail/program/steps/mail/ on line 77

The attachment can´t be downloaded.

I have also a roundcube_webmail_0.1-beta2.2.tar.gz with the same apache settings - it works fine there...
Any ideas ?


The picture shows you an jpg image... ;-)


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Did you try delete the last line of your file (i think line n.188) ?
It seems that if there is a blank after the php end (?>) roundcube won't work.

I had the same problem and i fixed it this way. ;)