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Attachment display problems
« on: July 20, 2007, 04:25:22 PM »
Hello Roundcube Friends

First i want to say that is a great system. I used Openwebmail for 3 years, and now i found the perfect replacement.
I have a problem with attachments. I searched in the forum and didnt see any problem like mine. For example, imagine a message with 2 Attachments ( DOCs, JPGs, etc ), when i click on the firt Attachment, my Browser display this attach with no problems. But, when i try to click in the second attachment (in any order), notthing happens. It likes the message is "freeze". To see the other attachs, i have to click in other message or folder, so, in this way i can click in another attach.
My problem is, i have to reload the message every time i want to see a attach. If i have 3 attachs, i have to reload the message 3 times.

Someone knows the fix for this?