Author Topic: Problem replying to some addresses, with fix  (Read 2465 times)

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Problem replying to some addresses, with fix
« on: January 25, 2007, 03:52:57 PM »
I'm using SVN 461, but I also saw this problem in beta2.

If you receive a message from someone with certain characters in the "comment" portion of their address, you might not be able to reply to them. For example, I received mail from: "joe > sally"
When I click reply, the recipient field in the reply composition page looks like:

  joe > sally

Note the quote marks have been removed from the comment section of the address. When roundcube submits this to my SMTP
server, it chokes on the message, complaining about unbalanced angle brackets.

I don't know enough about roundcube's internals yet to say exactly where this should be fixed. For myself I chose to tweak
decode_address_list() in program/include/ Here's the change:

Code: [Select]
<    $string = $name!==$address ? sprintf('%s <%s>', strpos($name, ',')!==FALSE ? '&quot;'.$name.'&quot;' : $name, $address) : $address;
>    $string = $name!==$address ? sprintf('&quot;%s&quot; <%s>', strpos($name, ',')!==FALSE ? '&quot;'.$name.'&quot;' : $name, $address) : $address;

Is this the "correct" fix?



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Re: Problem replying to some addresses, with fix
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2007, 07:01:11 AM »
Hi Mark,

Sorry, I don't have a solution. I am hoping you have discovered a solution.

Any luck?