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HTTP 405 - Resource not allowed

Started by nomicism, July 13, 2006, 06:12:21 AM

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Thank's for your advice.
I use MS Visual web developer and found 11 files.

After finishing the changes the login procedure cintinous. And I get login failure in spite of correct username and password.


Quote from: Brett If you have a better than Notepad text-editor, you should be able to do a "Search in files..." which will allow you to find all instances of 'action="./"' and even replace them in all open files. If you don't have an editor, try notepad++ or notetab or EditPlus.
[ot]notapad++ is good but Kate is best ;)[/ot]


No it works fine !

After a few modifications in the database my RoundCube webmail works fine.
I like the layout and design.

Thank's for all the help.


Not a problem. Glad we could get you working.....

Quote[ot]notapad++ is good but Kate is best ;)[/ot]
Kate doesn't work on Windows >:0


I am having the same issue with the SVN version. Is this issue not yet commited to the source?