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Public webmail +Roundcube + WEE encryption hack?

Started by underseven, June 25, 2013, 02:38:05 AM

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I have been searching for roundcube and an encryption plugin, I finally found the WEE hack, which you can find here:

How safe is it to use this encryption?

What else should I be thinking about when creating a webmail system with encryption, except the "WEE encryption" hack above and SSL?

I would like to create a free public webmail encryption service.

Any kind of help is appreciated.

EDIT: I see that the category is wrong, I am sorry for the mistake. Perhaps some moderator can change it?


I'm not familiar with this WEE encryption, why don't you just use PGP?


Is there any PGP plugin for roundcube?
If so where can I find it and how does it work, can you please give me a link?

My attentions are to create a totally anonymous webmail with encryption support.
So what else should I think about when creating the webmail?



There is the Enigma plugin, which was started but never finished. You could look at that and use that as a base.

I'd be interested in getting this working as well.

Hope it helps.


Is there any news with encryption?
Would be so great!