Author Topic: Enquiries about Roundcube user-interface and installation procedure  (Read 2655 times)

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I'm interface designer and i have very limited knowledge about networking and etc. My new project is to implement new user-interface design on prototype webmail. The interface design is for eldelry user who is first timer to use email. The prototype webmail has reduce functions; it only allows users to read, reply, compose email with attachment and addressbook. This prototype will be tested by 6-10 users who will need to do 3 tasks using the webmail. My main concern is to apply my user-interface design on the prototype webmail without really need to develop the webmail from scratch. My questions are;
1. can rouncube allow me to redesign the inbox, compose layout? Can this be done by editting the php files in the skin folder?
2. I have apache, mysql and php running on my laptop. How can i set my laptop as a mail server?
3. I have edited the and as required but i don't understand what it means by 'upload everything to your website'. Do i need to create a website? can i just transfer the roundcube forlder (which i have downloaded) earlier into htdoc folder in apache main folder.

Thank you very much for your helps!

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Re: Enquiries about Roundcube user-interface and installation procedure
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1. you can redesign roundcube by changing the html files in skins/default/templates and the css files in skins/default

2. You can set up a mail server following the instructions here: .

3. By uploading everything it means to copy all the files with their structure in the web root folder. You will also have to create the database by applying the appropriate sql file in SQL folder.

I hope this helps.