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Attachments wont send

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Hi All

I am having a little bit of trouble.

If I write an email and attach a file to it, the email is sent but the attachment is stripped away. At the emails destination the email says it has an attachment even tells me the name of the attachment but its not there. PHP has read and write to the folder for fileuploads.

I dont know if this is what is supposed to happen but when I compose an email and attach a file, a new folder is writen to the temp folder but that folder is always empty. when I send the email the new folder is deleted. This tells me it is not having any problem writing to the temp folder.

Is this a known isse with 274 ? or am I doing something wrong (known to do that sometimes ::) )

Operating sytem etc in tag.


Did you set the rights on the temp Folder to 777?

Hi Flosoft

This is installed on win2k3 (no 777) But yes PHP/IIS user has write privileges in the temp directory, as it creates a new folder when I upload the file. But for reasons beyond me it empty :-[


I am experiencing the same issue. I am running the beta 2 release on IIS6. I have verified that the internet user account has full access to the appropriate directory. I see that it creates files in the the temp folder.

When the message arrives, it has links for attachments, but the attachments are not there. Any suggestions on how to fix this would be greatly appreciated.

I resolved my issue on IIS6 by editing the .inc file and specifying the exact windows path to my temp folder. Roundcube is willing to accept "/logs" for the log files, but it will not accept "/temp" for the temp folder.


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