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Attached Images and Embedded Images Corrupted RC 0.9.4


No matter where the email is sent from , RC is not displaying the thumbnail of the image, and when downloading, the image appears to be corrupted. This does not apply only to image files, but nearly any attached file at all.

Using IE10, Firefox, or Chrome. IE and Chrome shows an x for the image, and Firefox does not show an x.

Running W2K3 R2, PHP 5.4, mySQL 5.6, RC 0.9.4.

Any thoughts? Seems this is an old issue that is still hanging around.


My guess is you have whitespace in one of your config files, make sure your,, and any other plugin config files start with "<?php" with no spaces and just remove the bottom ?> to make sure there is no extra whitespace.

You are on the right track!  The problem was a plugin named "filters". When I removed it, the problem instantly went away.

So, if you are using RC 0.9.4 and the "filters" plugin" is installed, remove it if you see this issue.

My list of plugins: $rcmail_config['plugins'] = array('emoticons','newmail_notifier','password');

I checked the filters.php file to look for whitespace issues, but did not find anything obvious. I have simply removed it.
Maybe it will be fixed by the author?


I did a quick look though the plugin (version 2.0) and found whitespace in and language files, but the problem maybe elsewhere. If you using version 2.0 of the plugin you should probably submit a ticket to the developers so they know about it.

I did the same thing, and the result was the same - images not showing up. I will contact the author and let him know that the "filters" plugin does not play well with RC 0.9.4.  Thank you!


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