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MS Outlook skin?

Started by calande, May 08, 2007, 10:54:38 AM

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Bobby, who are addressing? If the question is put to me: I am currently using the default theme and I changed 1 setting in the config file to achieve my goal:

// default setting if preview pane is enabled
$rcmail_config['preview_pane'] = TRUE;

Obviously, I changed it to TRUE, so you can fiddle the setting to see if it's to your liking.

Works terrific. Still glad I found out. Perhaps the possibility should be advertised more seriously. It feels like it's now tucked away. I'm sure many people would want this feature of RoundCube.

I am not sure that this is your question.


About a three column layout... I'm working on one, based on the default theme.
Click the thumbnail to see how it looks so far:

That took about two hours of digging into the default theme's template and CSS and changing some CSS rules.
There are still some quirks I need to solve:
- The icons on the left of the messagelist (dot for read mail, paperclip for attachment etc) are hidden on IE (screenie).
- The preview pane will scroll vertically if the message is too long, but not horizontally if it is too wide.
- Whenever the list is dynamically updated (user clicks on another folder, list is sorted etc) the list header appears below the messages instead of above them (screenie). Positioning is okay for fresh pages (F5'ing / typing into the address bar).
- On Firefox, the list header width maxes out at the space needed for the column headers, leaving whitespace to its right when the message list is wider (this is due to the rendering of the table as nested blocks instead of a regular table, which is needed to position the list elements).

Hoping to address these issues soon, and then I'll make the theme available :)


Wow Thats good :D ! nice if you need any help feel free to ask!


Cool. /me wants :) Is there any code we can test?


Quote from: flosoft Cool. /me wants :) Is there any code we can test?
Yup - I've posted a new topic for it.
The four glitches I mentioned in the post above have been resolved :)


Quote from: SKaero I don't know of any one who is don't this but it would be a cool theme to have.