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0.1rc1 - can't send mails

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just upgraded from 0.1beta2 to rc1 - i cannot send emails anymore. the dropdown menu on top of the page is empty (i don't recall that menu in the beta). everything worked fine before. the only change i did (when running beta2) was adding aliases to my logins. any clue?

I have the same problem too.

The Sender drop down box is empty and the mail will not send. I can't compose new emails or reply to emails.

I think I'm going to have to back out to beta2. This is the 2nd killer bug. The other is when you do a ctrl-click to select multiple emails and it will open a new tab for each email you click in Firefox and IE.

Did you read the UPGRADING instructions? You need to upgrade your database. I've just done it and it works fine.


Yes, I read the UPGRADING instructions. And followed them to the end for beta2, which I had previously installed.

And no, my mail sending is not working.

Thanks for your helpful reply.

I would not be asking here if I did not follow the UPGRADING instructions.

You didn't say in your original post that you'd followed the instructions. I speak from experience - I didn't upgrade the database and the drop-down was blank. I then ran the upgrade SQL and there it was, populated with my preferences.

Hope you find the solution soon.


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