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v0.1-rc1 problems


I had a nicely working beta 2 version of Roundcube till some minutes ago when i decided to install v0.1-rc1 which is supposedly stable.

I have maintained the same mysql database so basically the only thing that has changed is the program proper. Nicely enough, the new install shows my identities and emails and everything looks cool. !Until I try to send an email and find that the drop-down for Sender ID is blank. I try to send email all the same but it doesn't go past my clicks.

Another installation attempt on a different domain ends up in login failure for all users. Is there anything I ought to be doing that i am not? Would appreciate feedback from anyone who's using the latest tar.gz.

I am having the exact same problem. Please let me know if you come to some sort of resolution. I think I'm going to try the latest subversion version.

Did you read the UPGRADING instructions? You need to upgrade your database. I've just done it and it works fine.


Hmmm... Silly me. I'll do that right away.


Update- Works fine now.
Lesson: Always spare a few minutes to read the docs!

I feel dumb now. :-\
Thank you for the help!



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