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No e-mail addresses in LDAP contacts?



 all contacts returned from an LDAP search only have 'Display name' filled with data, other fields are empty. The main problem is of course the lack of e-mail address, as I cannot compose a message to this contact (well, I can, but the address in To: will be "Firstname Lastname ").

 Any hints? My LDAP schema is rather classic and works flawlessly (as far as typical expectations for LDAP go...) with my other e-mail clients. Server is OpenLDAP.


PS. It would be great to have address autocomplete (with LDAP as datasource) in To, CC, BCC fields while composing a message -- I see there is an unofficial patch for it ( but it would be great to have it in the official version (ticket #1483899, soon. Thanks!

Gosh, that was my fault. I finally tracked it down to a changed field name in ('mail_field' in beta2 to 'email_field' in rc1), only to find that it is clearly stated in the upgrade instructions. I missed it due to the fact that I haven't been using LDAP in beta2 (so I just skipped this piece of instruction while upgrading) and later, when I decided to use it in RC1 it bit my ass (due to the outdated config file).

Sorry for the confusion,

One more thing: the side effect of this investigation is a simple idea on how to have the 'First name' and 'Last name' fields filled out for LDAP contacts (which are empty, in my case) -- just add:

--- Code: --- 'firstname_field' => 'givenName',
 'surname_field'  => 'sn',

--- End code ---
to LDAP configuration section in That's it!



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