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Few Problems
« on: May 26, 2007, 12:17:50 PM »
Few qs if I may

1) Once we are writting a email after some time we get "booted" "time has expired" Im not sure why is doing this but it has become a huge problem for us. it will send the unfinish email to the draft box.

2) I dont see anywhere any option where we could "Add" our signature to the emails ?

3) Why we don't we have a "Spam" bottom to direct all unwanted emails so they never come back again, we have a "Trash Bin" and a "Junk Bin" ?

4) I don't see anywhere where I could use tools to change the of size of the letters, colors etc etc

5) For some reason our "Spell Check" dosen't work "Server Busy" but it does work from other PCs we have a new Dell PC with the vista programm if that helps any

any help could be great :-\

Thank you