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svn 587 - text => html => text
« on: May 31, 2007, 04:22:42 AM »

1) If I switch from text mail writing to HTML, all is fine. Switching back needs a while, saying "Entferne Formatierung der Nachricht..." and if finished, I have 2 input fields. Repeating this switching steps will end up in multiple text fields.
2) In HTML mode, I have only English as a spellchecker. I miss all the other languages. Very bad is the fact, that every time I try using the HTML-spellchecker Mozilla Firefox frees and crashes after a while.
3) Using the text spellchecker in HTML mode causes a maybe 5 pixel high text box beneath the HTML box. This is the standard purple text box spellchecker. Clicking on "Bearbeitung fortsetzten" / resume work? causes 2 boxes. Textbox with
-tags and the HTML box.
it\'s not a bug - it\'s a feature