Author Topic: Apache runaway processes after double click on mail in Inbox  (Read 1781 times)

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I have been using Roundcube for about 4 months, starting with 0.1b2, now running 0.1rc1.

It is installed on RHEL3 with Apache 2.0, PHP 4.3, talking to the local IMAP server, all patches applied.

I have experienced a seemingly random problem where double clicking on a message in the inbox sometimes creates two runaway Apache processes that have to be "kill -9"ed. When it happens, each process takes up to 35% of the CPU and generally bogs down the server. The UI in Roundcube becomes unresponsive. My guess is that it happens about 1 out of a 100 times I open a message.

I searched the forum, but could not find a similar problem. I had the problem with 0.1b2 and still have it with 0.1rc1. Has anyone else experienced this?