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translator and special characters
« on: June 08, 2007, 12:43:04 PM »

The current pt_BR translation has some flaws so I'm translating from scratch using the translator you provided.

The problem is, since it has special characters (like ç, ã á â) they appear correctly on the translator page, but when I put it in a text file and upload to my linux server the special character are shown incorrectly. If I use the original pt_BR files it's all good, also if I edit the original files using the vim editor all the special characters are shown properly. So it appears to be text codification related.

Any ideas to make it possible to use the translator with special characters? Off course I could just edit the original pt_BR files using vim but I would have to always compare with the English files and it would be a pain. With the translator I have everything there and can just do a perfect translation in a few minutes.