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« on: June 14, 2007, 05:13:15 PM »
Hi. I am definately a newbee on webmail, so I may say funny things. I have a SuSE 10.2 + Postfix + Cyrus IMAP server configuration. Looking for a way to access my mailbox from all over the world. Looked around, saw a lot, then Roundcube and I immediately fell for it. What helped was the easy, promising install doc. So, I set up the apache webserver, php, mysql, and now I am looking at a login screen, which keeps telling me: login failed. The message:

Jun 14 22:42:03 mail imap[9404]: badlogin: [] plaintext SASL(-13): authentication failure: cross-realm login denied

Connecting from my workstation with Outlook Express works as usual:

Jun 14 22:43:47 mail imap[9410]: accepted connection
Jun 14 22:43:47 mail imap[9410]: login: [] rauzer plaintext User logged in
Jun 14 22:43:47 mail imap[9410]: seen_db: user rauzer opened /var/lib/imap/user/e/rauzer.seen

Looks like a SASL problem. How do I configure SASL in Roundcube? Haven't seen any Roundcube SASL settings. Are there? Or am I on a totally wrong track here?