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Select messeges with checkbox for delete!

Started by euptech, October 16, 2007, 10:07:54 AM

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OK I want to open this up for serious consideration. Many users are used to having a select box to select their mail to delete instead of having to hold down ctrl and select each. A few reasons are that if you release ctrl by accident and select something you lose all previously selected messages. people don't always know they can select multiple messages with ctrl (sure they need to learn but in my case we are talking about loads of old people and country folk!).

I would even except help figuring out where the code is to make the changes and I will implement something... and donate the patch...

Let me know as 5000 existing customers count on you all!!!



I agree with this.

The new Hotmail live has a good feature that when a message is hovered over it shows you a check box to delete.


I think this is a great idea as well.

To take it a step further when the check box is selected it would not display the mail in the preview pane either as currently you have to select the email, wait for it to display, and then hit delete.


I am in the process of trying to add a select box to select email or to delete theme.
I do not know how to do that


Could a Moderator move this topic to Feature Requests


Wondering if anyone gave this concideration or actually implemented this.....


This checkbox tool would be nice addition. If we have a checkbox we can do various task such as,

Select multiple message to send directly to trash or to move them to another folder.

Able to select message for reply.

How about selecting multiple message for batch printing?

And many more....



This is one of the first things my users complained about.
Deleting multiple rows is the sort of thing people want to do whilst sipping a cup of coffee. The ctrl key is simply too annoying for them.

I've told them they can flag each message with a star then filter on 'Flagged' then Select All at the bottom of the screen..  then delete.

Not surprisingly - they seriously question my judgement that roundcube has an 'improved' user interface compared to the old webmail system and I have trouble convincing them to move across from ye olde slow pop3 based webmail.