Author Topic: LDAP addressbook issue  (Read 2721 times)

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LDAP addressbook issue
« on: June 27, 2007, 12:06:36 PM »
hi there.
first of all, as a squirrelmail user, i have to say that roundcube rocks at first glance even if it's still rather "limited" in functions if compared to SM.
i like it, and i will be around here to watch it grow.

by the way, i have a problem RC on a linux box with ldap addressbook accessing on a M$ exchange server.
this command works:

[root@qmail2 roundcubemail]# ldapsearch -D "cn=my-admin,cn=users,dc=gs,dc=spc" -w my-pass -h -p 389 -P 3 -x -s sub -b "cn=users,dc=gs,dc=spc"

so i configured RC as following:

$rcmail_config['ldap_public']['LDAP'] = array(
    'name'     => 'LDAP',
    'hosts'     => array(''),
    'port'     => 389,
    'base_dn'    => 'cn=users,dc=gs,dc=spc',
    'bind_dn'    => 'cn=my-admin,cn=users,dc=gs,dc=spc',
    'bind_pw'    => 'my-pass',
    'search_fields' => array('mail', 'cn'),
    'name_field'  => 'cn',
    'email_field'  => 'mail',
    'scope'     => 'sub',  // search mode: sub|base|list
    'filter'    => '',   // will be &'d with search field ex: (status=act)
    'fuzzy_search' => true);

but is not working. :(
squirrelmail ldap addresbook browsing on same server works, instead.
here is the ldap conf from SM:

[ldap] command (?=help) > l
    base: dc=gs,dc=spc
    port: 389
    name: "LDAP"
    binddn: cn=my-admin,cn=users,dc=gs,dc=spc
    bindpw: my-pass
    protocol: 3

i think there's a problem with the protocol (if i don't specify protocol in SM config, ldap doesn't work).
do i need to pass the protocol value to the $rcmail_config['ldap_public']['LDAP'] array and modify the ldap query?
any other idea about it?

cheers ;)

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Re: LDAP addressbook issue
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2007, 03:59:42 PM »

I have the same problem. If you do some progress, please let me know, ok?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: LDAP addressbook issue
« Reply #2 on: March 08, 2008, 07:49:22 PM »

just updated to Version 0.1 (stable) and activated LDAP lookups against a Exchange 5.5 Server.
I used the following configuration:

$rcmail_config['ldap_public']['myExchange'] = array(
 'name'     => 'exchange',
 'hosts'     => array('HOST'),
 'port'     => 389,
 'base_dn'    => '',
 'bind_dn'    => '',
 'bind_pass'   => '',
 'ldap_version' => 3,
 'search_fields' => array('mail', 'cn', 's', 'g'),
 'name_field'  => 'cn',
 'email_field'  => 'mail',
 'surname_field' => 's',
 'firstname_field' => 'g',
 'scope'     => 'sub',
 'filter'    => '',
 'fuzzy_search' => true);

This setup seems to be working fine for me, although it returns all recipients known to the system, including Private MDB, Schedule+ and so on. I don't know if some LDAP issues have been fixed in this version; you'll just have to give it a shot.