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I have taken it upon myself to add text labels to the default Roundcube skin.

Should make Roundcube much more user friendly for those who are less computer literate.

I have had to increase the overall size of the icons to make the labels fit, so I had to make some modifications to the .html templates and css files. So this has to be installed as a skin.

Full installation instructions are included in the zip file.

Looking forward to hearing your comments.

Please note: I have not fully tested this skin yet, so there may well be some mistakes/bugs in it. Please let me know if you find anything which isn't quite right, and I shall do my best to fix it.


Thanks This is very cool! Thanks! :D

Looks good!!

One thing I'd like to add is my comments from this topic in which I say that putting the labels inside the image (which it looks like you've done) is going to be horrendous with the languages. I'd suggest removing them, then inserting RoundCube text objects for each one. That way, when a user who reads latin better than english logs on, they can read their language; rather than only english.

Yes its not that hard I done it for my new theme but, there is not Reply, Reply All, Forward in the labels, so it is hard to do.

Yeh, I realise this is not very good for diff languages. I would have added proper labels if I had the time and skill, but it would take me too long at the moment. And it was only really a fix I did for my own use, I just thought I'd share it for all the English speakers. Sorry!


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