Author Topic: Roundcube does not work in firefox!  (Read 53225 times)

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Re: Roundcube does not work in firefox!
« Reply #15 on: February 19, 2014, 05:37:57 AM »
I spent a long long (LONG!!!) time tweaking server side files etc. thinking that the reason that i kept getting "Login Failed" was related to my installation procedure.... but it wasnt, roundcube does NOT work in the latest version of firefox ( I had been tweaking folders manually in my .mailboxlist file and thought that in the process i had messed something up. I spent 2 hours trying 'fix' my login. Then i tried to login with IE7 and everything worked fine.

Roundcube RC1 Login on:

Windows XP IE7 - Works
Windows Vista IE7 - Works
Windows XP Firefox - NOT WORKING
Windows Vista Firefox - NOT WORKING

I assume the the javascript ajax call or whatever is used to login is not fully compatible with latest version of Firefox. :(
It is working fine on my side.. Were you able to find the reason behind it?