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Problems with UTF-8
« on: July 12, 2007, 04:12:58 PM »

I just installed Roundcube on a FreeBSD 6.2 server and I must say that I really like it. I think it can become the best webmail application because of its clearness, simplicity and very good design.

However, I have a few problems. The installation and configuration went OK, but when I tested it, I stumbled upon these issues:

1. If I send a plaintext mail from Thunderbird, with character 'Å ' (an UTF-8 encoded letter from Slovenian alphabet), I see it in subject as "", that is a question mark in a little black square. However, the other "weird" characters from our alphabet, these are Å¡, č, ć, đ, ž, Č, Ć, Đ, Ž are displayed without problems. Also, the Å  character is displayed OK in the preview pane. Moreover, if I click "Settings" and then go back to Inbox, everything is displayed perfectly. If I then change the folder to Sent and then back to Inbox, the "" is displayed again. To me this is obviously a bug. See

2. If I attach a file with Å  in its name, it is displayed as "". Moreover, if the filename is "Å¡#č#ć#đ#ž#Å #Č#Ć#Đ#Ž.doc", the name of the received file (with Thunderbird) will be "--#--#--#--#--#--#--#--#--#--.doc", which means that all the special characters are replaced by "--".

3. If I go to Contacts and then choose someone who has Å  in his name (for example me), the character Å  (and all other special characters) in his name will be displayed like "??" in Recipient field when composing the message. Also, I see "" in my signature as well (when composing). After the message is sent, I will see this: in my Inbox. It looks like the special characters are not properly treated when generating the "To:" field of the message.

I guess there are some more places where (some of) our (ISO-8859-2) special characters are mistreated, but this is what I found in 15 minutes. And unfortunately as such it is not yet ready for production use in our company (I would deploy it on 20 servers approx.).

Please let me know if I can do any further tests or if these issues could be consequences of my (mis)configuration.

Nejc Å koberne (I hope you will see the "Å " properly now. :) )