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[SOLVED] Can't login
« on: July 14, 2007, 10:41:28 AM »

I've installed roundcube on my FreeBSD 6.2 server (Apache 2.2.4, PHP 5.2.3, MySQL 5.0.45) with all mentioned server requirements but I can't login. After entering user and pass, the same login screen comes again, without any error message and no entry in error log (logs dir empty)! I see in /var/log/maillog roundcube don't try to connect to the IMAP server (dovecot, same machine)!

On my old Suse 10 server (Apache 2.0.54, PHP 4.4.0, MySQL 4.1.13) roundcube works 100%! Need I a specially module or ini entry? Or doesn't run roundcube with PHP5?


In apache config the Option directive must contain "FollowSymLinks"!