Author Topic: Table "messages" what for ?, downloading mails, saving mails in database, pollin  (Read 2685 times)

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Hi all. Thanks a lot for this webmail client, it looks so good, and so easy to setup !!!
May I ask for few questions :
1) I would like to know what for is the table "messages" because I tested RoundCube, sending and receiving mails, but this table is still empty ?
2) Is there any way to save mails in a local folder (downloading), or better, in the database ?
3) Is it possible to make RoundCube to poll the IMAP server for new mails each xxx minutes ?
thanks a lot for your help.

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just to give you a short answer (don't blame me, if I'm not totally right).
1) Sorry.
2) As far as I now, there is no way to do this. It's just a Webfrontend to read and write mails, without saving to a folder. But let us dream a little bit: If RC could open the Outlook pst format, read it and save new mails in there, I probably will not use Outlook again ;) But then, we have to take this file anywhere, we go... better a big IMAP Server account... 8)
3) RC polls. I guess, every 2 - 3 minutes?! You can see this on the green flashing banner top middle of the page, but I haven't looked so far, if you can change this polling time easily.

Hope, this it a first answer worth...
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