Author Topic: Check several mail accounts withing one RoundCube account ?  (Read 4526 times)

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Ok, RoundCube is realy nice, searched for a good webmail for years ...

But i still have some concerns and just wanted to know if things were planned out that way and if they were't, just drop a little request hopping it would be possible.

So here it is.
Will it be possible to check several mail accounts using a unique "roundCube" account ?
I know that round cube is based on individual mail accounts ...

The thing is i have 3-4 differents mails with specific applications and use, and i'd like to be able to log in once and check them all.
I use the webmail for personal use for me and my family, so i can creat webmail accounts and set different mails accounts withing them (without worrying of unwanted people using it since they can't register "webmail accounts" to check their mails.

So i'm just a little concerned because roundCube doesn't work this way.
I found a request or two regarding this but with no "real" answer.
If you could just let e know a little more about that, i think it would be great (like any mail software, you can check several mail account and filter them out in individual folders or not).

Thanks, and keep the great work ^^
It's allready great and gets even more promising.

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Re: Check several mail accounts withing one RoundCube account ?
« Reply #1 on: September 02, 2007, 01:59:22 PM »
I posted this identical request here, calling the idea 'The Holy Grail of Webmail':

I think it's the perfect destination for the roadmap: webmail that works just like an installed client and can access multiple mailboxes across disparate servers using one login.