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Wrong e-mail address & Display name in Identity <- How does this work?


I set up RoundCube for the company I work for, and I've got a bit of a problem concerning the identities which is proving to be an issue.

Currently, when a user logs in for the first time, it defaults their e-mail address to username@www.domain.tld

Where does this www come from? It's probably something do to with the way my server's mail is configured, but where does RoundCube actually get this information from?

We run multiple domains on our mailserver, and the user only needs to enter in their username and it automatically knows what domain it's under... but that www prevents users from being able to send mail until they fix it.

For now, I've set up Roundcube so that it brings the identities configuration up on first login so that they can change this, but most users can't figure out that they need to fix the "www" even though I wrote that you must do this right on the login page.

In any case, if someone could help me figure out what I need to look at, I'd be very appreciative.

Just a thought... would it have anything to do with the fact that my virtusertable looks like this?:  llevasseur8  llevasseur8 llevasseur8  cmckeil  bazart   bazart

I'm actually using this BlueQuartz admin web interface for everything... that really affects what I can do for this stuff, and could very well be the cause of this issue.

In all likelihood, it's not going to be an option for me to modify virtusertabe on my system, so what I'll probably have to do is actually modify the source of roundcube so that it removes a "http://www." prefix from any domain it's dealing with. Would anyone be so kind as to provide pointers to where I should start looking?

The webmail e-mail addresses are now fixed.

There's an addon in the mail program that reads the virtusertable file to get the e-mail... you can actually specify this file in the config/

What I ended up doing was adding a line after line 717 in program/include/
   $email = trim($arr[0]);
-->    $email = str_replace("@www.", "@", $email);

It just gets rid of a www prefix in front of the e-mail address. This seems to work very well!


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