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maybe a silly question, but I have not read something about IMAP servers. So, are all IMAP servers in that way the same, that they have all the same API. Example: I think, we have no Autoresponder implemented in RoundCube (if so, don't care - it would be a simple nice training to get a programming start). If I now like to make one, not writing an autoresponder itself, activating the feature on the IMAP server, is where an API saying me, you have to send this command to the specified server to do so and _all_ IMAP servers will understand it, or for example, the IMAP server and the IMAP server handle it in different ways, so that I need to question every provider, how they have set up their server for that task. And please tell me, that this is normalized for all IMAP talking servers...

Not every IMAP server is the same. There are more popular ones like Exim and Dovecot and each has its own idiosyncrasies as to how it implements features. You'd have to do some research as to what command is run for each server. Typically they'll be very close to eachother if not the same.

RoundCube itself doesn't have an API yet; however, it's not done either ;) Hope that helps, although I'm sure it isn't the answer you were looking for.


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