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Spam Emails--Can you block them in RoundCube?


Can anyone tell me how to block spam emails?  Is that not possible using rooundcube?

Its the responsibility of the mail server to block spam emails not Roundcube.

Hello PH,

You must be secured by your server, your host has controls for your safety. If this is your own server, then put safeguards to avoid any loss or damage to your inbox.
Here is an example (to translate into English), the link: http://www.ovh.com/fr/g1082.comment-securiser-votre-serveur-dns

Roundcube is not responsible for any intrusions on your configuration of your mail. This remains a communications program mails.

Secure your server or have a reliable server, suggestion, link: http://www.planethoster.net/

Yours sincerely

Hello PH,

Here is a link that may be helpful ...

the link: http://www.ehow.com/how_12177163_control-spam-roundcube.html

Yours sincerely


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