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Backup function


Hi ;)

I Know, this is a webmailer frontend for IMAP server... but, have someone thought about a backup functionality like copying all mails into an archive file, like .pst? So I can make a copy of my mailbox and in case, something very bad happens, I can map this file and can copy back the mails?

Or even better... reading and writing MS pst. Without looking into how many work that would be... can we read/write psts? Is it 'legal'?

I like the idea of having IMAP and all my mails everywhere around with me... but I... well... dislike, or better, have a bad feeling about having all (important) mails on line on my server without any kind of backup done by me... I think, you can understand my 'fear'.

That's understandable. But perhaps better than psts is maybe the mail format Mozilla uses. if you export a mailbox, it saves it in mbox format which is open and free to use. I'd suggest that format; however, that's a feature that someone will have to make a plugin for, rather than it be a core feature right now.

Don't mind about format and plug in instead of core functionality. I thought, it would be a nice idea... as well as I know, that the server should do backups... I also hoped that the 'Compact' function will do something in that way...


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