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Some visualization problems


I'm using Firefox as my webbrowser with Windows XP and are getting the Search-field to show up behind the Logo up to the top-left.
Also, the "Move-to" drop-down when I'm reading a mail is a bit overlapping the "Show Source" -button.

I tested this with firefox on my MacBook and the Search-field was located right above the message text. Also here the "Move-to" dropdown is looking nicely. Although here; all the number of messages and what messages are being shown is located under the mail-text.

Don't know if it's just me having these "problems", just thought you guys wanted to know.

Hard-Refresh the browser. Clear the cache. Typically that's the issue with layouts is the old CSS is cached, so the new items (search and all) dont' have styles, so they go to the top left.


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