Author Topic: SMTP security rejects emails sent by nobody -- why is roundcube using nobody?  (Read 13002 times)

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Hello there people!
Great job on this beautiful webmail app. I am recommending this script to everyone I know. Truly, great job!

I have a bunch of questions:

When trying to send an e-mail using roundcube, my SMTP server says this
"Mail sent by user nobody being discarded due to sender restrictions in WHM->Tweak Settings"
Now, I don't quite understand what it means but I have a hunch that my hosting company is running apache using user 'nobody' or at least the php scripts running on that server use 'nobody'.

You may be asking 'what does this have to do with roundcube'? Well, that's the interesting part. If I use MS Entourage or Apple Mail to send an email (using same settings, same SMTP server) my emails get sent.
That I can't explain, mainly because I'm clueless when it comes to how php works and executes on a server and if chowning the php file which is responsible with the e-mail sending matters or not.

Maybe my configuration of the SMTP server is not correct and roundcube falls back to mail();?

I'm currently testing all of this and I am also waiting on a response from my hosting company as this weird behavior started recently.

Please shoot ideas at me; as you can see, I'm not very knowledgeable.
Any input is greatly appreciated.


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same problem here
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2008, 03:42:09 AM »
It seems that the hosting provider is blocking mails sent by user nobody. I will dig a little and will try to provide an answer soon.


After 1 hour here comes the result.

Modify in config/ file

the folowing lines

$rcmail_config['smtp_server'] = '';
$rcmail_config['smtp_user'] = '%u';
$rcmail_config['smtp_pass'] = '%p';
$rcmail_config['smtp_auth_type'] = 'PLAIN';

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