Author Topic: Removed IMAP folder still shows up.  (Read 2149 times)

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Removed IMAP folder still shows up.
« on: October 03, 2007, 08:27:52 PM »
Hey guys,

First I want to say that I really love RoundCube and can't wait to watch as it continues to develop into a better and more robust webmail client. I honestly think it is better for what I need than any of the other clients out there (squirrelmail, horde/imp, neomail, etc)

The only real problem I've had is this. I had an IMAP mail folder on my server that had spaces a 3 and a > sign in it. Evolution could access the folder just fine, but RoundCube never liked it and would not display the mail in the folder.

On the server side, I am running CentOS 4 update 4 with Postfix as the MTA and dovecot to handle POP/IMAP. Currently, I am only accessing the mail via IMAP as I travel frequently.

I recently renamed the folder (or file as I use mbox format for mail storage on the back end) to a simple name with no spaces etc. I was able to subscribe to the new folder in RoundCube under personal settings, but the old folder still appears. I can see all the mail in the *New* folder and the old folder name is not in the list to un-subscribe from under personal settings.

I noticed a cache table for the roundcube database, but I am hesitant to just delete all the records. I have restarted my MTA/dovecot and Apache just to be sure. Can anyone offer any advice or has anyone experienced any similar behavior?

Thanks in advance,