Author Topic: Request for off-box connect plugin  (Read 10359 times)

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Request for off-box connect plugin
« on: October 17, 2014, 10:26:56 AM »
I know a lot of shops including myself use off-box anti-spam solutions. it would be AWESOME if someone could write a plugin that allows the following:

user/admin to select the off-box platform to connect to (back side basically has a template of the login form)
user specifies their login ID and password for the off-box conection
button goes on the toolbar for connection to the off-box solution

button press opens the off-box solution in a new window

This seems pretty easy to me.. the back end template could be something in an include file with the appropriate fields noted.. i.e.
submit_location =;
submit_type = post;
username_var = user;
password_var = password;

submit_location =;
submit_type = post;
username_var = userid;
password_var = password;