Author Topic: dovecotpfd and special chars  (Read 10220 times)

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dovecotpfd and special chars
« on: October 29, 2014, 11:26:00 AM »

I managed to install the dovecotpfd-1.1 plugin. It is working so far. I used to use special chars in my password like ? or !. I found out that these chars are escaped when the new password is written. I used:

/usr/sbin/chgdovecotpw -f=/usr/etc/dovecot/passwd -s=PLAIN -p=my?01

and the password is written as my\?01. The login then does not work ofcourse. I suppose this is the reason why I cannot login when I created a new password with -s=CRAM-MD5 too.

is this module still maintained and is there a solution for this Problem?