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So, how does this forum work ??



I wonder a bit on how this forum works, where it is for...

I am a newbie on Roundcube matters (and Linux for that matter) and excited to work with this new environment and encounter various problems during the process of getting to know it.

Now, its named a "Community Forum" and this suggest it there for "us" users to help each other, but I see, I think, developers around as well.

I also see questions left unanswered and abandoned discussions, and this makes me feel a bit awkward.

Is this the place to talk about bugs or oddities you encounter? With developers? Or do you need to report things elsewhere?

This is a Community Forum in the sense that is run and managed by the community not the Roundcube core team. Some of the Roundcube developers stop by the forum but there aren't required to if you know what I mean. Not all questions have answers but it never hurts to ask, if you see anything you think you maybe able to help with please feel free to jump in. Most of the questions on here are about Roundcube configuration problems and environment problems but bugs also show up here. Once a bug is identified it should be reported on http://trac.roundcube.net/ to make sure the problem is looked at and fixed.


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