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Registry of Internet Transmitters
« on: October 29, 2007, 04:33:05 PM »
Hello. I'm looking for someone who manages or is interested in managing an email service using Roundcube. The service needs to work with our Registry of Internet Transmitters The service can use your brand name or ours. I'm an engineer who would rather let someone else handle business and marketing issues. I learned about Roundcube recently, and I am very impressed with its usability. This is exactly what we need on the user side of our service. We provide the Border MTA. You provide the MDA. See for a suggested architecture of a complete mail service.

Briefly, the Registry is a database with information to authenticate and assess the reputation of senders. Reputation databases have proven to be the most effective tool against spam - the main advantage being no lost mail due to statistical error. The difference between our Registry and similar databases is that ours is open source. We believe this is the key to universal acceptance and to becoming a defacto standard. We have established technical feasibility. Our solution will scale up to any level needed, and the operational costs should be very low. Now we just need users to provide the feedback which we will use to accumulate reputations.

Suggestions are welcome.
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Re: Registry of Internet Transmitters
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 email me and we'll talk.