Author Topic: New "Auto login" Feature for "classic" theme  (Read 4413 times)

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New "Auto login" Feature for "classic" theme
« on: July 12, 2016, 09:41:58 PM »
Hi all

I've done a free enhancement to Roundcube! It basically lets the user select an option on the login form to be kept logged in; permanently; ie. in order to disable this they must update their settings on the Settings tab.

It's quite a neat little feature and is a great enhancement to the "classic" theme.

Things it takes into consideration:
  • Username and password must be valid before it auto logs them in
  • Ability to disable auto login is available from settings pane
  • Logout button is disabled/removed automatically as there is no longer a need for it
  • Auto changing the settings automatically updates the page without page refresh needed

Installation instructions are simple, simply unpack the theme to the skins directory and modify config/ with the name of the folder you choose.

Hopefully you will enjoy this theme as much as I do!

Post if you use this theme I'd love to get feedback.

Kind regards
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