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Change Password SQL


I've installed the password plugin and I just dont figured out how it works.

I used the
$config['password_query'] = 'UPDATE users SET crypt=ENCRYPT(%p,CONCAT(_utf8\'$5$\',RIGHT(MD5(RAND()),8),_utf8\'$\')) WHERE username=%u LIMIT 1';
In the password config file. That gave me an error, so I add the 'crypt' field in the 'users' table. Working fine. There is no error and I can see the 'crypt' field getting updated on password change request.
But the point is that the 'crypt' field is not bind with the main login screen. The old password is still active from the mail server. and not from the mysql database.

What am I doing wrong?

You need to update the database that the mail server uses for authentication, not Roundcube's.

I do not have access to mail server. Its 1and1 servers

In that case you can't use the sql driver for the change password plugin. Try the cpanel driver.


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