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Hi ,
I am extremely sorry for such a big mail as my intention is to give you utmost clarity with my points.
I was excited to hear about RoundCube and went for a try on that.
I googled much and did an R&D in configruing Roundcube with hmailserver.Found a link in and followed the instructions with few exceptions(Instead of PHP I went for Apache)
MySystem Configuration is WindowsXP SP2,2GBRam.
I have tried with the following configuration.
Installed xampp 1.6.3(for Appache + PHP + MYSQL) and I installed Hmailserver 4.4.1 B273 as my mail server.I opened MySQL using SQLyog by using username as root and with the password I got encrypted from the hmailserver.ini in C:\Program Files\hMailServer\Bin(Password is L1fhJ1x8), the port which I connected through is 3307. I could see the DB hmailserver with some tables created for that DB and I then created my roundcube DB and executed mysql5.initial and saw all 6 tables craeted under that.I then created a user roundcube and password given it was the same encrypted password(L1fhJ1x8) and gave Global Privilages for Select,Insert,Update,Delete by checking those options.login .I configured hmail server by creating a domain and users for that domain.

The I saved and to and and changed the follwoing entry in as ;

$rcmail_config['db_dsnw'] = 'mysql://roundcube:password4 @localhost/roundcube';

I made necessary changes to also.
$rcmail_config['default_host'] = 'localhost';(Since the mail server is installed in the same system where roundcube is installed)
$rcmail_config['smtp_server'] = 'localhost';

Made some changes in PHP.ini for the entry mysql.default_port = to mysql.default_port = 3307 (This is the port through the hmailserver is getting connected to sqldb;and through this same port I created roundcube DB and created all tables for that)(Since I was confused I changed all the places where I found PHP.ini locations are :- C:\XAMPP\phh,C:\xampp\apache\bin).
Now I copied my roundcubemail folder to C:\xampp\htdocs\ and tried to access roundcube mail by pointing the address http://localhost/roundcubemail/
But All my efforts went in vain as I saw the error

Unable to connect to the database!
Please contact your server-administrator.

I felt sad seeing this and I tried many times.I made sure that my appache is working by seeing the webpage @ http://localhost in my browser.
It could able to load the login page party (Why I said partly because I could able to see the roundcube logo in the page )
See the attachement for refernce.

At any cost my expectation was to get the login page working fine.
Thanks in Advance!!