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Problems to understand the comments of
« on: November 15, 2007, 05:39:10 PM »

Could you explain a little bit better the following comments that are in the file?

system error reporting: 1 = log; 2 = report (not implemented yet), 4 = show, 8 = trace

Is there a way not to log anything?

enable caching of messages and mailbox data in the local database.

By "local database", do you mean "local" on the server? Because generally "local" means "client-side". Then the messages are stored in Javascript arrays? Or in MySQL on the server? If it's stored in MySQL, is it possible to keep it forever like $rcmail_config['message_cache_lifetime'] = '5200w'; ? :)

the mail host chosen to perform the log-in

I think this is confusing, it should read "the mail host to log into".

Automatically add this domain to user names for login

I think it could read: "Append domain name to user name to log in. Ex: 'user' becomes ''"

// This domain will be used to form e-mail addresses of new users
// Specify an array with 'host' => 'domain' values to support multiple hosts

I didn't understand :-\

// Path to a virtuser table file to resolve user names and e-mail addresses

Here neither :-\

// Query to resolve user names and e-mail addresses from the database
// %u will be replaced with the current username for login.
// The query should select the user's e-mail address as first col

Here neither :-\

// use this host for sending mails.

Should read "Use this host to send mails"

// Log sent messages

Does this mean the logged information is metainformation (date, sender, subject, size) or is the message itself stored in the "Sent" folder?

// check client IP in session athorization

Typo here: athorization authorization

// Use an additional frequently changing cookie to athenticate user sessions.

Same here: athenticate authenticate

// Set TRUE if deleted messages should not be displayed
// This will make the application run slower

Hum...I don't understand why deleted messages should still be displayed. Isn't deleting supposed to removed a message?

// Set true to Mark deleted messages as read as well as deleted

I think it would be easier to understand this way: "Set 'True' to mark messages as read when they are deleted"

// Make use of the built-in spell checker. It is based on GoogieSpell.

Typo here: GoogieSpell GoogleSpell

// this string is used as a delimiter for message headers when sending
// leave empty for auto-detection
$rcmail_config['mail_header_delimiter'] = NULL;

Could you give more information? Is it the double carriage return between the message header and the message body? Why would that change? In what situation? ::)

// list of configuration option names that need to be available in Javascript.
$rcmail_config['javascript_config'] = array('read_when_deleted', 'flag_for_deletion');

Are all of them available for Javascript? If not, it would be neat to have the list, I'd like to enable as many as possible :)

// try to load host-specific configuration
$rcmail_config['include_host_config'] = FALSE;

What information may be included in the host-specific configuration?

// don't let users set pagesize to more than this value if set
$rcmail_config['max_pagesize'] = 200;

What is "pagesize"? Is it in KiB?

Thanks in advance for all your comments and help. When the questions are replied, could some one move this thread to the Requests category so that the developers revamp the comments and correct the few typos, please?
Thanks! ;)