Author Topic: anyone running roundcube with "software collections" PHPs?  (Read 1881 times)

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anyone running roundcube with "software collections" PHPs?
« on: March 01, 2016, 06:38:30 PM »
I was wondering whether anyone else is running roundcubem using the packages provided from the "software collections" repositories of Red hat ( and Centos)

an example would be php 5.6 provided here:

these have a few things for them:
:official support ( theones relased from RHEL) for 3 years for an admitedly old version os the OS ( RHEL 6/ Centos 6)
regular updates ( they follow upstream updates a bit slowly, BUT providing, , again for 3 years at least the security updates

what make sthings complicated is that they have different packages name from the original packages ( so you can mix them..), which complicates things..
for example the 5.6 mentioned above, has packages that follow this naming convention:
rh-php56,  rh-php56-php-cli,  rh-php56-php-common, rh-php56-php-gd ...etc

So I was wondering:

had anyone good advice to offer after using them?
are they compatiblem with roundcube?

mre importantly , do the custom PEAR libraries ( php-pear-Mail-Mime, php-pear-Mail-mimeDecode ...etc) that roundcube depends upon work with them?

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