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Roundcube seems to be in loop when IMAP reply OVER QUOTA


Hi guys.

We have a problem in our "emailing system"...

The issue is this: every time a user gets over quota, he can't even login on roundcube to delete any mail.. he can authenticate but a "Loading..." message is displayed for eternity and a "100%" is seen on the right side of the screen..
If I connect to the imap server and raises the client's quota, everything is OK again till he reaches the quota again and again..

I logged this from IMAP connection with Roundcube:
<4btpthub> [317B] S: A0032 OK Completed
<4btpthub> [317B] C: A0033 UID STORE 657 +FLAGS.SILENT (\Seen)
<4btpthub> [317B] S: A0033 OK Completed
<4btpthub> [317B] C: A0034 UID STORE 656 +FLAGS.SILENT (\Seen)
<4btpthub> [317B] S: A0034 OK Completed
<4btpthub> [317B] C: A0035 UID COPY 680,679,678,677,676,675,674,673,672,671,670,669,668,667,666,665,664,663,662,661,660,659,658,657,656 "INBOX/Seeder de Notifica&AOcA4w-o"
<4btpthub> [317B] S: A0035 NO Over quota
<4btpthub> [317B] C: A0036 LOGOUT
<4btpthub> [317B] S: * BYE LOGOUT received
<4btpthub> [317B] S: A0036 OK Completed

It seems roundcube tries to COPY (maybe a filter) some email to a folder and the imap won't let it do it because of the quota... so the user keeps waiting and nothing happens forever!!

Any help in fixing this? What can I do? it affects our users every day for a long time now.....

Roundcube Webmail 1.1.4 with "filters" plugin

Best Regards,
Heiler Bemerguy

That's a problem of the filters plugin. Ask here


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