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Google Android Material Design Roundcube Skin beta

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We're working on a Material Design skin that Android/Google users will find familiar

It's still in the works so if you have any requests or feedback we're happy to hear from you
(psw removed because of spammers, will be adding an auto-login shortly or you can contact me for the psw)

Great skin, as always. Great buttons with text :)

Who is: never heart of it is it a spinoff of myroundcube?

One thing when creating a new mail.

border of Subject is not changing when the skin change color.

Also the attach a file buttons stays red.

Thanks for the feedback ricardo777 we will get those fixed

RoundcubePlus is an upcoming plugins & apps for roundcube. Since myroundcube stopped supporting plugins we have taken up the challenge. All our plugins are designed & programmed from scratch, shared calendars, dropbox & google drive integration, beautiful business signatures and much more coming soon...

Great cannot wait, to test and purchase for that pricing ;D

Only missing an Seafile plugin would be great.

For myroundcube I did some translation work.

We can certainly look into making a seafile plugin, if you guys have any other requests let us know. When we're ready I'll open a new plugin topic for support and feature requests


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