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Trouble setting up Roundcube/database
« on: November 25, 2007, 10:00:01 PM »
Need some help setting up Roundcube.

1. I created a database and username through my server using MySQL. When I create the username and database it automatically inserts my username I use to log on to my server/hostprovider i.e username_newusernameforroundcube, so I entered this according to the instructions (mysql:// and saved the file.

2. In the *initial.sql file where do I enter this code (mysql --user=(your_db_user_name) -p (your_db_name) < mysql.initial.sql)? And should I replace the your_db_user_name with username_newusernameforroundcube and your_db_name with my database name so the new code would look like this:

mysql --user= username_newusernameforroundcube -p databasenamecreated < mysql.initial.sql
3. My server requires Secure Server Authentication for outgoing mail only. I followed the SSL instructions. The only difference I noticed when rewriting the file it states to enter ssl:// for SSL, instead the how to install instructions do not say to do this.

When I attempt to read webmail through the link in Joomla I get a Parse error: syntax error in..../components/com_roundcube/config/ on line 25

Thank for any help/feedback.

Trouble setting up Roundcube/database