Author Topic: Mobile version skin (Roundcube 1.2.0 + Melanie2 Larry)  (Read 4176 times)

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Mobile version skin (Roundcube 1.2.0 + Melanie2 Larry)
« on: July 03, 2016, 02:30:45 AM »

I am still new to Roundcube but i have had success in installing it on my server and using it to access my emails.  So far it is what i was looking for.  Only thing i realise is that its not mobile friendly.

On desktop its good, but on iphone and galaxy, its not very impressive.

So i want it to be responsive to different device and browsers. 

I was reading "Melanie2 Larry Mobile skin v0.4.5 / Roundcube 1.1.4",22433.0.html
I would like to try Melanie2 Larry Mobile skin but i am not sure about something and i hope the community forum can help me.

I am currently using Roundcube 1.2.0 but on GitHub of "Roundcube-Skin-Melanie2-Larry-Mobile" it says it "Works on Roundcube 1.1.5"

So does it mean, it would not work on 1.2.0?

Has anyone tried Melanie2 Larry Mobile skin on roundcube 1.2.0?

How was the result?

Is there any other open source / free mobile version skin?

I look forward to some assistance from ya all.


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Re: Mobile version skin (Roundcube 1.2.0 + Melanie2 Larry)
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2016, 04:30:53 AM »

sadly I can just confirm that the Melanie2 Larry theme is not working correctly inside roundcubemail 1.2.
I hope someone with a little more project knowledge will fix this  ::) As far as I assume, there are "just" some css not in the game.

***edit: You can definitly try it. My second attempt looks quite good, just some minor flaws until now.

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Re: Mobile version skin (Roundcube 1.2.0 + Melanie2 Larry)
« Reply #2 on: July 07, 2016, 05:31:34 AM »

Melanie2 Larry mobile skin support Roundcube 1.1.5 because it's the last version I tested (and used in production).
I'm sure the support of Roundcube 1.2 for the mobile skin doesn't need a lot of changes (perhaps none) but I have to wait at least this summer to work on it.
If you have the time to test (or anybody else) and report (with details) any problem, it might help me to support this version faster.