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Importing Contacts with a CSV file


Importing Contacts with a CSV file
I had some trouble figering out, how to import an Contacts CSV file.

The format below did the trick:

First Name,Last Name,E-mail Address,

Make sure to put a comma at the end of each line.
Double quotes around each field also works. It's the comma at the end that's mandatory.

Any other tips are welcome....http://www.roundcubeforum.net/Smileys/default/grin.gif

I appreciate your help. I didn't find that solution anywhere on the internet.
I have been inserting the emails manually for over two years.
None of the specialists nor the tool owners themselves bothered to alert on this.
I want to add another thing that the order is also essential: first name, last name, then email. Import is not accepted if the email is at the beginning.
Jozef, thank you again, have a nice day.

Over 7 years later and this thread is invaluable. I'd also like to add this, if you want to import with groups the below seems to work for me:

First Name,Last Name,E-mail Address,Categories,


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