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LDAP-authentication with Roundcube

Started by chhaas, December 12, 2007, 04:11:09 AM

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Hi all,

I'm fairly new to RC, so please forgive me, if this was asked in the past already (though I searched through the posts in this forum and did not find a satisfying answer).

1. LDAP-authentication:
I'm using LDAP-authentication via SASL on my mail-server for various things: Cyrus-IMAP, relaying with Postfix, login to groupware etc.

So I'd like LDAP-authentication also for Roundcube, since my users are all stored in LDAP.

Now I could not find a how-to about LDAP-authentication (against OpenLDAP). Is it possible to authenticate against LDAP? And if yes, how?

2. LDAP-addressbooks:
The same problem is with the integration of LDAP-addressbooks. I found some posts here in the forum, but none of them is about RC2.

Any hints, how-tos and step-by-step guidlines are appreciated!

Thanks and cheers


Kindly let me know, if you get any replies on the subject.



Roundcube authenticates against your IMAP server so if that uses your LDAP then indirectly the answer is yes :p.

It does support LDAP addressbooks too, look in the main config file. I have never used the LDAP addressbook so thats all the pointers i can give.
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Dear John,
could you please give me a link that explain progress to do that?



I don't use the LDAP address book either, but there is information in the wiki about it.